Saturday, 25 June 2011

If Emma ruled the world

Okay maybe not the world but the glee club costume cupboard. I mean she did an amazing job on the RHPS costumes didn't she? And who chooses the costumes for New Directions anyway? I mean based on the red t-shirts Mercedes picked out for Don't Stop Believing she seems a little unlikely and though Kurt seems a better choice based on his fashion expertise I rather think the knowledge he displayed of women's fashion in Prom rules him out too.

I wouldn't dare to say Emma would do a better job than the current wardrobe mistress and quite possibly she would choose a lot of Betsey too - I mean Betsey Johnson is practically synonymous with bows. But I do think there would likely be less black, leggings and DMs.

Anyway here are my non-Betsey (because that's almost like cheating and also pricey) picks for dresses Emma might have put New Directions in for one of their competitions.

Show choir dresses

Show choir dresses by shinyprettythings featuring h&m dresses

I think it's pretty clear why Emma would choose a turquoise or yellow dress with a giant bow on the front. The polka dots are quite the obvious choice for her too. Still how pretty are the ombre dots of the H&M prom dress and the ruffled navy and white F21 dress with touches of red ribbon? Perhaps my personal favourite is the Topshop prom dress with delicate dots and a dainty bow at the waist.

One dress that might not seem particularly Emma at first glance is the navy strapless broderie dress from River Island but I like to think that Emma might have been home in Lima in her sparklingly clean tidy tidy apartment watching the Emmy Awards last year and been inspired by the attire of a certain similar looking red-headed actress. I think you'll agree she looked very pretty.

Also I think Emma might like the colour blocking of the 2in1 blue and white prom dress plus it has a bow. And how could she not love the black, white and coral of the colour block dress from Charlotte Russe? At $35 I think that would have been a more realistic option for the fiscally challenged glee club and I like to think this is the dress Emma would have picked for Nationals. And maybe it could have made all the difference. I know I would have put this dress through to the next stage of the competition.

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Mackensie Perry said...

oh my! it's so hard to choose! i don't know how the costume makers of Glee can decide on ONE dress for each performance! it would be SO hard!
but these are such lovely dresses! if only my wallet would give a little, i would buy them all! :D